We have over 50 builders to assist you with any kind of jobs, whether it’s building a home, apartments, retirement homes etc. or just need a labour to remove debris, tidy up work area etc. we have skills and experience builders to carry out your requirements and do the job!

All our services will be carried out in the highest professional manner to ensure our clients feels valuable and important.

Services we provide:

• Foundation work: setting out the boundaries, levelling tools, digging tools, piles, and footings
• Form work: foundation, boxing, concrete work and tying steel
• Framing work: framing timber including knowledge of bottom and top stud, noggin, joists, and rafters
• Joinery/Installation: Installation of windows, doors, aluminium joinery, packers/blockings as detailed within wall cavities, bracing elements and strap tiedowns, hardware
• Finishing: Finishing lines, installation of architraves, trim, scotia
• Remedial: Carpentry repairs and correction of existing building works
• Roofing/Flashing work: hardware and connections, erect roof trusses and purlins
• Cladding: cladding cavity system, direct fix-timber weatherboards, rabboards, titanboards
• Labour work: clean and prepare sites, dig trenches, set braces to support the sides of excavations, erect scaffolding, clean up rubble and debris, and remove asbestos, lead, and other hazardous waste materials

Level of skills and experience we offer:

Charge rates to be discussed or negotiated and there is a 4.50hour minimum charge. We also price jobs as well as lumpsum contracts.

• Carpenter
• Hammer Hand
• Labour